We think the phrase "Rotties are energetic" is the understatement of the century! Luke is everything we wanted and more. He is truly one of the family. God Bless. — Ken & Janet

Zoe is doing great. The vet says how beautiful her coat is and her weight is just right. She's like a little kid bouncing around the backyard. She just wants to play all the time. She's my girl! She also loves to circle Kyle's highchair at dinner time. Nothing ever hits the floor. Have a great holiday. — Amy

I just want to thank you for always being nice and answering all my questions about dogs. Peggy is so happy about the "baby" she can hardly sleep at night. I promise you this dog will think it died and went to heaven! — Sally

We just wanted to touch base with you and let you know Cheyenne is doing great. She is highly intelligent and very loving. She loves to play from morning to night. She is very athletic like you predicted. We have been training her at home and she is very well trained. She has been a great companion. Last month we had a birthday party for her. I know, we are nuts. She got lots of presents and had many dog friends who came over and played. She is good with everyone and still kisses a lot like the day we picked her out. She loves to play with balls and will play fetch all day if given the chance. We have a ball park across the street and take her regularly because she loves watching baseball. She even watches it on TV. She loves water and loves taking baths and playing in her kiddie pool in the backyard. She is quite a character. We are looking at getting a brother next year for her and would love to have another one of your puppies. Please keep us in mind. We were hoping to get a male offspring of Brando when you start breeding him but I know every dog you breed is a good one. We would be looking at probably next summer or fall if you have a litter then. I saw Cheyenne's sisters on your website. They are gorgeous. You must have your hands full. I can't think of a better job if you love the breed and have the time. Everyone that sees Cheyenne is impressed and they all ask where we got her from. She is very good and healthy. She has been sleeping on the bed with us for months. She still loves her kennel though and goes in it readily. Well, I hope you are well and enjoying your summer. I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know Cheyenne is great and that we would love to get her a brother next year. — Janis and Adam

Thank you so much for producing such a wonderful puppy and for thinking enough of us to sell him to us! — Traci & Steve

I just wanted to say thank you so very much for working your magic with the puppy situation. I am so excited! i think my parents and my friends are just as excited as I am too. I don't think she will have to worry about getting attention from people who love her. I also thought you would like a few pictures of her. And the one photo is a shot of her "new" backyard. You can't quite see all of it, but it give you an idea of where she'll have the opportunity to run, play and chase the chipmunks and squirrels. Looking forward to seeing you soon. — Andrea

Here's Chili Pepper. I can't thank you enough. She has been the light of my life. The dachsies are getting real big. Chili loves them. — ML

Just took a couple of pics of Kane, in the one he has his hat on ready for his walk hahaha (Don't worry, I don't really make him wear a hat). Hope you all had a great Christmas and hope you have a wonderful New Year. I forgot to tell you in September Kane and I did a competition, obedience/protection for one year and younger and HE WON!! I'm trying to put the video on YouTube so when it's up I will shoot you an email you can check it out. — Kevin

I just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you so much for everything. Django is doing great! Wow, what a smart boy! He is already about 95% housebroken, pretty solid on sit and stay, we are working on come and leave it. He does pretty good on the leash when we walk, he can be a bit stubborn sometimes, but then again - so can I! We just got back from the vet earlier as he got his next round of boosters... he is 24 pounds and my doctor just loves him. — Bill

Thank you so very much for our two beautiful puppies! They are doing great, always playing and getting into mischief. — Gus & Claudia

I've been meaning to write you but been busy and lazy hehe. I just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to get one of your pups. We met the vet you recommended and he told us we were lucky to get a puppy from you as you are very selective. Bella is awesome so far. Although she is a little chewing machine. Last night while playing she locked onto my nipple! I thought I was gonna die. Don't know the purpose of the male nipple but it doesn't make a good chew toy! Anyway I appreciate the articles you put in her book about losing a dog. That was nice of you. It means a lot to us and again thank you. — Jason

I just wanted to thank you again for selling me Natasha. She is 105 lbs. and has the best personality and we love her to death. Here are some pictures since I have not been able to bring her by. But I would love to bring her by to see you soon. — Jeff

Thanks so much for always spending so much time with us when we stop by. I love the pictures you gave us, they're already framed and on the mantle. I put a couple of pictures in the card. I know you won't believe it unless you see them! We are so excited about our Lina puppy! We love you and the dogs. Stay healthy, you look awesome! Good luck in Florida. — Allan & Lisa

As you know, Elsa turned 2 in October. She has been a fabulous addition to our family. Her temperament is very calm and mature. Our daughter, Sydney, turned 1 in October also. Her and Elsa get along great. Elsa loves to be around her. She will lay down next to her and watch her play. Hopefully, some day we'll have more room to add another dog. — Scott & Darlene

Mojo says hi - hope the trip to Germany was fruitful. Have to tell you, Mojo is the smartest dog I've ever encountered. With the exception of a few puppy traits she still has, I only have to tell her things once, and she understands. Sometimes I'll be reading, or typing on the computer, or working on something, and I look over to her, and she is in the sit position, just studying me and my movements. It's as if she is taking everything in. And as for her paws, she uses them like hands. Great dog. — Pablo

Thank you for such a wonderful family member! Mathilda loves bubbles, playing in sand, tearing up pinecones and, most of all, playing hide-n-seek. She's so smart and full of love. We're very lucky to have her. She loves to greet people with kisses and play with other dogs. — Kim & Chip

Dear Auntie Denise and Uncle Gary, I'm writing this short note to say Happy New Year and to give you some pictures to show you just how big I am now. I also want to say thank you for my new mommy and daddy, they're great, and they love me sooo much, but most of all thank you for my big brother, he's my best friend!!!!! We do lots of swell stuff together, like play in the mud (Mommy hates that), share bones, take lots of walks, and best of all sleep right next to each other and I lick my brother's ears all day. We get lots of neat treats, just last week we got fresh pastries from the Barking Bakery downtown! I hope you like the pictures, my favorite is the one with me and my brother; he said I had to wear the ears cause they put those goofy things on him last year! He told me to humor them, so I did! Well, take care and I'll be sure mommy and daddy send more pictures in the future. All my love and kisses, Chyna

Hi Grandma! It's too far for me to run over and see you (Mommy can only keep up for a little while, anyway) so I decided to write and tell you how things are going in Milwaukee. It was a long winter here and I really only got to go outside to poop most days, but when the weather got better and I got a little bigger I got to go outside a lot! Mommy and Daddy take me for walks just about every day so I get to make friends with all the neighbor dogs and kids. Even though I'm the youngest I'm bigger than most of them already!
I have a really cute lady vet and I got all my shots from her and even this neat treat that will keep me from getting fleas. I don't know what those are yet, but my Golden Retriever friend Boomer said they are bad. The vet gave me some vitamin treats, too, and told Daddy that I'm a beautiful puppy. I'm on my way to being a big dog now - just like Nitro.
When we are at home we have lots of fun playing with lots of different toys (I like rope toy and really hard Nylabone the best). Sometimes after breakfast Daddy has to leave and go to a place he calls WORK (an evil place). I stay in my crate while he's gone, but I don't pee because big dogs only do that in the backyard by the fence. Right before Daddy leaves he gives me a weird shaped ball he calls KONG and there is some stuff inside that he calls PEANUT BUTTER. By the time I get all that yummy creamy stuff out of the KONG I completely forget that Daddy is gone. Daddy and Mommy are always happy when they come home and there is no pee.
There are two days when Daddy goes to WORK and then to a place called SCHOOL so I get to play with Mommy all by myself. She is fun. We go for walks so that we can practice the things Daddy and Mommy taught me at OBEDIENCE SCHOOL. I can HEEL, play a game called STAY, and one called FETCH with the big blue ball. Sometimes Mommy has a PIG'S EAR with her and I get to have it all to myself. When I was little Mommy seemed like she was big, but I think she is shrinking because she doesn't seem so big anymore. I still listen to her and do what she says, like COME, SIT, SHAKE, KISS, HIGH FIVE, ROLL OVER, DOWN, and OFF, and I always let all the people go through the door first because I'm a gentledog (WAIT).
Sometimes I'm the luckiest puppy in the world and Mommy and Daddy are playing with me together. There are toys and I still listen to what they say, but we get to do other fun stuff, too. A lot of times when the three of us are together we go for rides. Daddy likes to go for rides because he has a new truck. Daddy knew I wouldn't fit in Mommy's car for long, so he got the truck. I get to have the back all to myself. Sometimes I wish I could ride in front, but Daddy said the thing called UPHOLSTERY is not for puppies. There is a window between the cap and the front, so I can say Hi! whenever I want. I have much more room in the back than they have up there, anyway. HA, HA!
I got to go for a ride last week. We went to the cabin near Eagle River. I like long rides up north in the truck, especially because it is so much fun to be there. I get to go for long walks near the lake and around in the woods. When Daddy was walking me we even saw a DEER. I didn't know what she was at first until she made a weird noise. When I barked once to say Hi she snorted and ran away. I also got to go to a different lake to see my Uncle Duke (a Springer Spaniel) and my cousin Lacey (the teacup Chihuahua). Mommy and Daddy said that if I'm a good little Rottweiler they will bring me to see you, too. Hopefully I can control myself fo a while and not chew on any stuff. I got one of Mommy's books once, but I am trying to stay busy with my toys. My chewing urges are in full swing now, and that couch looks mighty tasty!!
The one thing I never chew on is my Alligator toy. Gator still checks around blind corners for me. I also send him into the forbidden area (the LIVING ROOM) to scout it out for Mommy and Daddy before I cross the line. I'll bring him along to meet you sometime. Daddy and Mommy say they want to bring me to see you soon because I'm almost a year old, can you believe it?
I am so handsome, Mommy and Daddy take pictures of me to show off. I'm sending some for you so you can see how much I've grown. Gotta go, there's a squirrel at the door! Bye Bye, Bear P.S.: Sorry it's been so long since you've heard from us. We've had a really busy summer but everything is going great. Thanks again, we LOVE him! — Dennis & Kris

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