Carl is going to be three and now he has two brothers. Will is 2 years 4 mos and Luke is 9 months. I know--we are crazy. I stayed home with all the little guys last year....it was great. Now, I am back to about 20 hours per week, so we all still have lots of play time to jump in fountains, scare the neighborhood cats, keep the UPS guy honest, etc. Here are some photos. Carl is such a great dog for our family. The website looks great. Hope you are all doing well. — Jamie

I wanted to share a few pictures of Luther with you. He is wonderful! His obedience training is going great, he truly is one of the smartest rotts ever. We just love him. I will keep the pictures coming. Have a great day. — Laurie, Fred & Myles

Congratulations on Pasha's and Jule's litters. Your puppies are the BEST! Faith is getting big. I was wondering at what age we should neuter Faith? I would like to use your vet for her spaying. I am attaching a photo of her in my bathtub. She sits in there every morning and watches me get ready for work. We love her! — Lisa

I hope all is going well with you. I see from your website you are expecting a litter of french bulldog puppies. Congratulations. I hope you are enjoying the new breed. I saw from the site to inquire via email regarding rottweiler puppies. Adam and I would very much like to get a boy for Cheyenne to be a big sister to. She is doing great. She has had full run of the house for some time now and is really good when we are gone. She is highly intelligent and extremely loving. We chose her because she was quite the kisser as a pup. That hasn't changed. She even kisses the cat all the time which is pretty cute. She is still full of energy which I think at times, keeps us young. I was wondering which dogs you are planning on breeding for summer. I originally saw on your site Pasha and the father was a question mark. As I had mentioned before, we are really interested in a pup fathered by Brando. I saw that he is home, congrats on him. Is there any plan to breed him in the next year or two? We are not in a rush. We are just trying to plan a little which in our profession it is hard to do. We are so impressed with Cheyenne and would love another dog bred by you. This dog has brought us so much joy. I wish you could see her because she is so well behaved and quite the ham. Anyhow, I just wanted to touch base with you and see if you know which dogs you are breeding this year. I know you are busy so whenever you have time to get back to me, I would appreciate it. Congrats again on your upcoming bulldogs. You must be very excited.— Janis and Adam

I just wanted to thank you for giving us the privilege of owning one of your spectacular dogs. Annie has been here for two days now and is just a wonderful puppy. Again I just want to say thank you and we will see you soon. — Ron

We look forward to much happiness with our new puppy. Thanks for all the information, it will come in handy. We will keep in touch. Thanks. — Gerry

Faith had a great weekend. No accidents in the house yet! Today, she sat by the front door and went outside to potty with no prearrangements. The whining has been minimal. (Do you think that we are spoiling her?) I registered her with the AKC on Saturday. She will go to the vet on Friday for her check-up. She is coming out of her shell some. Her playful time is around 8pm, which works out nicely because then she sleeps all night. We absolutely love our precious gem!!! We are so happy with her and truely feel that fate brought us together. You have been wonderful to work with. Thank you for trusting us with one of your pups. — Lisa

Ted is doing very well and a very good dog. Thank you very much for him, he completes our family. — Stacy & Margie

Thank you for all of the information you shared wth me when we spoke on Monday. I am glad that after talking to a dozen or more breeders of Rottweilers, I have finally found one that has the knowledge and credibility to provide me with the puppy that I seek. Further, it is a reassurance to know that you care for your dogs enough to offer your assistance in the future should I have any questions or problems. (A definite plus for a first-time Rottweiler owner.) I feel that I am fortunate to have called you when I did. It sounds as though your puppies are highly sought after, and you have definitely come with high recommendations. I am very glad you have a puppy for me! It is a pleasant surprise to find that you are as concerned with finding a quality home for your puppy as I am with finding a quality puppy. I plan on giving my new puppy the best home imaginable. Thanks again for your time and for giving me a chance to own one of your dogs. — Dennis

Thank you so much for the precious gift of "Jazmine." She is my baby, she even sleeps with me. We all have had a wonderful year with her and are looking forward to many, many more! Thanks again with much love. — Kim

The puppies were all so precious. We look forward to the 19th. Thank you for taking the time with us today. I felt bad that we were still there when the other family showed up. Could you please tell us more about the parvo spray. Ed loves Brando, I'm sure he would love a puppy from him in the future. Your garage and set up was so welcoming. From our visit, we could tell that you love your dogs and take great pride in them. Waiting patiently for our new family member — Lisa

Paul and I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how Ruby is doing. She's a great puppy who is into everything. She's already such a great guard dog, her bark is still all puppy and she scares no one! — Paul & Kathy

Here are some pictures of the most wonderful Rottweiler in existence. She is as perfect as you promised. This has been quite a learning experience for us. She is loving and great company for all of us. She is about 75 lbs at 10 months, big and beautiful, of course! I promise more pictures at one year, taken at her birthday party. — Susan

We went up to Wisconsin last month. Elsa and Bullet loved it. Elsa had a good time running down the shore, too cold to go in. She's getting big (between 60-70 lbs). Her disposition is great! She gets along with everyone. Hope Emerald and everyone else is doing well! We'll send more pictures during the summer. — Darlene & Scott

This card is a little sappy, but I wanted to say thank you for all of your help, knowledge, teaching and the opportunities for hands on experience. You can sleep easy at night knowing that you have produced wonderful dogs without the cheating or shortcuts others resort to. My goal is to do the same some day.

Me and Georgi just wanted to say thanks for everything, and for being so open and honest. Our Rotties need more like you. We will definitely stay in contact with you, it was a real pleasure. — Kevin

Just a quick note to send you a few things. First of all, yesterday I was browsing the internet at work and I found the ARC's Obedience Standings for 1997. It is for the highest Rottweilers in the country. So, imagine my surprise when I found us on the list. My co-workers thought I had won the lottery. I am so proud of Drago, I can't even tell you how much. Especially, considering the fact I only started showing him in the middle of October, some of the other dogs are shown all year long. Last Friday we were entered in a UKC trial in Warrenville, going for his CD, he did real good. I enclosed his score sheets, we took 2nd place in Novice B in both the trials. Hopefully we can get his final leg in June, that's the next UKC show close to me. I also enclosed a copy of Drago's CDX certificate and a poem about obedience that really hit home with me. Blaze is also doing good and sends her love. — Tracy

Hope you and your family are doing well. Here's a picture of Zuess, Julian and his sister Cleopatra. Zuess is a perfect angel, he follows me everywhere! Thank you for such a special precious dog.

I hope all is well with you guys. Your dogs are beautiful as ever; Brandon and I were just checking out your site. We had a few pictures we took within the last few months and wanted to share them. I really can't imagine life without Mena, and she makes Olivia so happy I'm glad we were able to get the best from you. Thanks for giving us such a great gift! I hope when the time is right we'll be able to get another fantastic dog from you. — Alison & Brandon

Just a note to let you know Harli is just great. She is so spoiled it's not funny. She's really a great dog, I would die without her.

Hope you enjoy the photos... Faith has definitely been spoiled and is loving every minute of it!

I wanted to wish the rest of Django's brothers and sisters a happy first birthday. Django has been an amazing dog, pet, and friend! Thank you so much for your passion to such an awesome breed. His training is going great, and I am hoping to go for his CGC at the end of the summer. Wish us luck! — Bill

We couldn't be happier with Bella. She is awesome. We love her to death. She is very smart, loyal and lovable. She is very social and great with other dogs and neighbors. We couldn't have asked for more. To top it off she is a beautiful, healthy dog. — Jason

Just a little note to tell you how awesome things are with Ruby. Simply put, she is the best thing to happen to us! I honestly think she's helped with my continuing neck recovery in that all of the added physical activity has actually made me stronger. Ruby is also growing very fast, both physically and mentally. We have so much fun teaching her and watching her develop. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the opportunity to take her the second time. She is definitely home for good and we are so happy to have her in our lives! — Gene & Teri

I just wanted to say thank you for everything you've done for me. I really appreciate it. You are more than a breeder, you are a true friend to me. If I can ever do anything for you don't ever hesitate to ask. — Allan

Hailey is just a joy. We're so happy to have her. She is so well behaved and smart. Oh, by the way - she still squeaks like a bird. I call her birdie sometimes. — Sue

First, I just wanted to say a big "thanks" for me, Stacey, Erick, Garrett and Brandon for opening up you home to my family. We were not only impressed with your extended family (Lina and Endy) but impressed with your presentation and concern regarding your placement of your dogs. My family didn't even get to the car before we all said that we would love to welcome "Pia" into our family. Obviously, a brand new puppy would be nice, but after meeting her and interacting with her we were just so impressed with her behavior and temperament we would be foolish to just want a puppy and pass on a wonderful dog. Hopefully you felt good about the visit and that you would welcome the fact of our family adopting Pia into our home. — Lisa

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