I just wanted to let you know that Griffen is doing great! He's a high energy dog that absolutely loves to be loved! He purrs--if you can believe that--it's really funny. He gets up and walk/runs every morning with me--about 3.5 miles. Then at night he's gotten in the habit of thinking that he needs to go out and have us throw the ball with him. He, by far, is the fastest dog I've ever seen. He can almost beat the ball--it's nuts! He also throws the ball down the stairs and tries to beat it, but that's another story. When he does it, it sounds like the house is coming down. Lol! He's an amazing athlete--friends of ours are usually in awe of his athleticism--no joke! He hasn't filled out yet because he just keeps getting taller. He's much taller than Liz ever was, but he's just now starting to fill in a little bit, so I definitely think he's going to grow for another year. And smart--really smart! He's trained our daughter to feed him cheerios already. He also leans in to kiss her and she opens her mouth, and he gives her a big slurp. We also haven't had any problem with Grif and our other dog, Zeus. They are great friends even though Zeus is an older dog--Grif is keeping him young. Just wanted to give you an update. We'll try to get some great action shots for your website--Griffen is a true testament to the quality of dogs you breed! Thanks so much for Grif! — Andrea

Thinking of you today as we celebrate Bella's fourth birthday. We have four boys now; John (11), Noah (9), Jacob (6), and Adam (1). Bella is so gentle and wonderful with them. She also is very protective of them (in a good way!). We love her very much and can't imagine not having her. Thank you so much for this wonderful dog! — Heather

I thought you might want a copy of Fiona's spaying. She is a wonderful and very athletic girl. She weighs about 85 pounds and looks very similar to our first Rott who was named Schotzie. She is very affectionate and insists on being greeted immediately when we come home. She sleeps in our bedroom and for such a friendly girl has a real deep throaty growl if she hears a noise in the night. She gets along great with our big guy Seamus. I attached a picture of the two of them when she first came to us. If you are interested I will send more recent pictures of our wonderful girl. Thanks again for bringing us together. — John

Just wanted to say hello. Annie is doing great and she is a big 99 lbs as of last week and it's all muscle. I can never thank you enough for breeding such wonderful dogs. You are the greatest! — Jamie

I just wanted to say hi and I LOVE your Rotts. They are BEAUTIFUL!!! Your frenchies too. Michelle has said you are VERY nice and down to earth. Not too many of us left out here. LOL. I have your new little guy's brother. His name is Phantom. If you would like to see pics of him let me know and I will send them. — J

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know exactly how much Dillenger has changed my life, there is not a day that goes by that he doesn't do something to make me love him more, in fact I never thought it was possible to love a Rottweiler as much as I do, he is like the son I never had. My parents feel the same way about him, Grandma or Grandpa come over everyday to help take care of, take him for walks, play ball with him, and just spend as much time as they can with him, to them he is their grandson they yet to have. Then my fiancee came into my life and she as well fell head over heels for him, he now sleeps in bed with us every night because of her, she can't sleep without him. To all of our family he is family, is the baby of the family. In fact this summer he is standing up in our wedding... couldn't imagine a day without him in our lives... thank you sooo much Denise for giving us such a great and amazing gift, words can't describe. — Jason & Lisa

Thank you for always being there for us - Jackie and Sweetness too and for all the advice and help we need - also for being good friends. — Bob & Diane

Here are a couple of shots of our precious girl. Clover had a great puppyhood and finished her obedience class, even winning the title Miss Congeniality. She started conformation classes last summer with an enthusiastic handler that needed a working breed. If only Clover would hold her ears correctly. — Dennis

I just wanted to tell you that Bella has been so attentive to Dino. She lays down w/ him and hugs him. When I asked Bella what she wanted for Christmas said she wanted Santa to bring Dino a new puppy so he was happy again, but in the meantime she gave him some of hers. She's also making sure he eats and is playing. Yesterday was hard bc she was asking where Jewel was and when is she going home. We went to pet supply store to get dog food for Dino and she said, "Jewel needs tummy yummies too". I lost it on that and the Santa comment. Thank you again for all your help. I can't tell you how much we appreciate it. Thank you for giving us the joy of being Jewel's parents. We love her so much and she is truly missed. Gary was right when he said she was special. Sincerely — Ellen

I was so relieved after speaking to you today. Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me and give me your very best and heartfelt advice. We are going to procede forward with the prednazone and as I am writing this, I am boiling a whole chicken to feed her. Please inform me of the hopeful litter coming in December. I will pray hard cuz we would love another one of your beautiful puppies! You are truly an inspiration Denise, and the whole family appreciates all the help and advice you have given us. Looking forward to hearing from you soon, love, — Elizabeth

How are things going out in Rottweiler Land. Me and D do need to take a trip over to come see you soon. Needless to say the last few months have been tough. I still do not believe its real that Tosh is not in the house. I will tell you a story though. That night early morning after we put her down, we had that earthquake. My little brother texted me and say some called it an earth quake but those of us know it was Tosh playing football up in heaven. Well that's not the story but that did get a smile out of me. Dana went on a trip for work about a week after we put her down. I went to bed with Tori who sleeps on the bed, she woke me up howling on the bed, almost like she was crying. I woke up still kind of out of it, and I reached to my left hand side where I felt like someone was lying on me and I reached over and I can swear I was petting Tosh's bootie, like I use to do when she would get close. I felt the hair and everything. I looked over and saw Tori on the right crying and looked down and saw a bump on my left. I swear she was in the bed with us. I know, crazy. — Jeff

I just wanted to contact you because just last week we had to have our Tasha put down. She was the most beautiful and loving Rottweiler we have ever owned. Our hearts are just broken. Her parents were Endy and Ivy. Tasha had a fast spreading bone cancer. I guess you just never know about cancer. We just thought you would be interested in hearing about this. She lived almost 7 wonderful years with us and we miss her so much. We had really hoped we would have had her for many, many more years. I read on your website that Endy had passed away also. We are so sorry for your loss too. We are so happy that we had the privilege to get Tasha in 2004 from you. — Janelle & Tom

Your approval means a lot to me, I am working hard and having fun and learning about the breed along the way... I love what I am doing now. You might not know this but a lot of people in the Rottweiler community do know you and speak highly of you and you might not know this that you denying me of a puppy way back when gave me more drive to prove I belong and I thank you for that. Thanks for your time Denise, I really did appreciate it. Take care, — Rey

Congratulations for your dogs, they are amazing really...today i saw Pax vom Schwaiger Rathaus, full brother from your Pasha...superb bloodlines and dogs!! Many greetings — Edin

Hi Denise, I hope you and your family are doing well. Just wanted to send you a couple pictures of Bella. She is a cutey and we are having a lot of fun with her. She has a great temperament and is so smart. She loves our cats and loves playing with them. I will try to get some better pictures but here are a couple. The close up shot I put in there because I thought it was funny :-) — Tia

I just wanted to give you an update on Faith. We have finished an 8 week beginning obedience class at Ronnie Bizer's Kanosak facility. Pam Grant, another rottweiler breeder, had one of her bitches in the class. Monday night on Faith's 9 month birthday we began our CGC class. I think that she will do very well in this class. I am so proud of how smart she is. Faith definitely has come out of her shell but we love her. Thank you so much for placing her in our home! — Lisa

Been awhile figured I would check in. Lil Stevie is awesome! We just got back from OBX earlier this week, had a beach house and she was a hit. My friend Deb had her 60th bday party and we had a 6 bedroom 4 bath house for a nice party. Stevie sleeps in bed with us half the time - and has decided she only likes our Rottweilers. Not Deb's. lol..not sure why...the house was pet friendly and Deb had 2 of her friendly Rotts but piglet growled at them and was about to get them so I had to put her away. I need to get more pics we meant to take some on the beach and time slipped by and we didn't get it done. She loved chasing the lil sandpiper birds on the beach in the early morning and she loves the traveling. She rides with us in front and hogs the front seat. Her personality couldn't be better...My husband loves her more than me :( — Pam

Thank you so very much for taking the time to show us all of your dogs yesterday. We truly had a great time! Now Brook just has to put up with me until we actually come back to pick up our dog... we can hardly wait! Thanks again — Andrea

I hope all puppies are healthy! I am so happy for you. I'm sure it has been a long 24 hours. Lol. I totally understand about the males and first come first serve. I'm happy they are going to great homes. I'm not going anywhere else for my very own puppy. Next time. If it's ok with you I would still like to come and see the litter. First, it would be great to see you and second...ya never know, right? Lol. Much Rotty Love — Shawnie

I just wanted to say thank you for letting us come see your awesome dogs and your beautiful new home and always being there. I am not sure how I would have handled the Tosh situation without some guidance and keeping in mind that it was about her and not what I wanted. It is always good to see you and your husband. I can't tell you how much I love your dogs and knowing a breeder like you. Had a good chat with mom on the way home and her major concern is Jessie the other dog and I know she is going to call you about it. I know she would be a good home, but as you said she needs to really think about it since she just can not open the back door and let her out and has to walk her. I think if she was ever going to do it this is probably one of the best options she will ever have, since you know everything about her. Thank you again and please tell your husband the same. I know its not easy moving the dogs in and out for pains like me but it does make my day to see them. — Jeff

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