He's great! Still has alot of puppy in him but very obedient—knows sit, stay for a long period of time, down, roll over (my daughter taught him), give me five... LOVES the kids-can't give enough kisses!! Getting big too quick! Biggest problem we have now is he wants to get on the couch with us so removing him he's a little stubborn and gives a grrr but all is good. — Brooke

Just wanted to give you an update on Gemma! She is the BEST dog ever!! She is so well behaved and just adorable. We absolutely love her! I took her for a walk earlier today and had 4 different people stop me in the span of 10 minutes to ask me about Gemma and where we got her etc. Quite a few of our friends have dogs and Gemma is by far the best behaved! Everyone is always telling us to bring Gemma whenever we go over to their houses! Anyway, just wanted to say we love, love, love her and can't imagine life without her now! Do you still have Patron? We've had quite a few friends who have expressed interest in getting a French Bulldog after meeting Gemma! Thanks and hope you are well! Best — Kate

I hope all is well. Saw the pictures of the puppies on line, they're precious. I have to tell you about Dino. You'll be so proud. I had surgery last week and have to take it slow bc I still get dizzy and am at risk of falling. This morning I was home with Dino and was going to walk down the stairs. Dino came running up the stairs as I was feeling dizzy. When I sat down he sat in front of me pushing me back into the wall and wouldn't move where I could get up for 15 minutes. After that I was fine to go down the stairs. He won't leave my side since I've been home from the hospital. Anyhow, I thought you'd want to know how he continues to amaze me. — Ellen

I just wanted to tell you hello from the Seeley's and dear Jules. She is our baby and got quickly adjusted to life in our funny farm, as it's become. A couple of months ago, our daughter and grandson moved in. As a single mother, my daughter found she couldn't manage on her own so we were so happy to have them here all the time, as was Jules! She LOVES our grandson Madden (you met him) and follows him everywhere, "tucks" him in at night and then finds me. I'm Jules second priority. It's now ski season and I'm a ski widow since my husband skiis every weekend. Jules is a terrific watch dog in that she gives a bark if someone comes to the door or she hears the garage open. I love it! It's comforting to me to know she's watching out for us. She loves the fenced in back yard but honestly just does her business and wants back in unless I'm out in the yard. She follows our commands and is a joy to cuddle. Her favorite spot is in her bed amidst Madden's toys and trains or on the couch next to me. I hope all your family-furry and human are well and we wish you a happy New Year. Thank you again for Jules-we love her so much! If I could get Madden and her to hold still, I'd send you a picture. I'm still trying... Take care — Maria

I would like to thank you for taking the time to speak with me Thursday, I appreciate it. After we spoke I sat down with my husband to make sure he didn't have the same concerns that he hadn't expressed. Even though we have been talking about this for a little over a year but you never know. We did also sit down and read through all the testimonials on your site. After talking with him, we are both defiantly on the same page and would like to pursue purchasing a puppy. We do have plans to fence part of the yard in the spring, after we remove some trees that were hit by lightning that are in the way. On the plus side we are one of two houses on our road, only two or three cars pass our house all day. We do live on 5 acres so we have plenty of exercise room and amazing smells. I have talked to several breeders over the passed 6 months, most of them you could tell were more interested in the profit than actually taking the time to find out what type of life the dog would have. I will read over the contract as soon as I get it. As far as the health guarantee I was looking for more of the fact that you stand behind your dogs, which you defiantly do, I have talked to some pretty interesting people to say the least over that last few months, some that don't even offer guarantees which in my opinion tells me that they don't stand behind their dogs and there could defiantly be under lying health issues. Personally I would never return a dog for health concerns, once I buy him or her it is for life, I wouldn't return my child to hospital because they became sick so y would I return a dog who is a member of our family, but the reassurance that you know your buying from a line that is health and have a breeder who will stand behind that is wonderful. I am looking forward to seeing the puppies and talking to you in the near future. I am also excited that you are there for help if we need anything, unlike so many other breeders. Thanks again— Lindsay

I just have to brag on my sweet Dino. Bella started kindergarten and she's having a hard time adjusting. This week it's been tears every morning when I take her and last night she was sobbing. She was still upset this morning. Dino has always been her buddy but this morning I think he was trying to help. He woke her up this morning by laying his head on her pillow then gently licking and nudging her with his head. When she was getting dressed he again went in her room and sat with her and immediately she calmed down. Before we left, Bella was standing by the front door with Dino next to her. He had his head resting up against her and she had her arm around him. When I asked if she was ok, she said, "I'm all better now." Dino watched us walk to the car and stayed there till we were out of sight. He's been with her since she came home from school today too and she says she's still good and "Dino can go play now." I love my babies and had to share this.— Ellen

I wanted you to know how wonderful dear Jules is getting along with us. She and my grandson are inseparable when he is here-she makes the rounds at bedtime checking on him, plays with him and is the most patient girl ever. Madden loves when Jules gives him "sniff kisses". He loves scratching her belly and helping me feed her. I totally trust her behavior! The neighbors dog barks and barks to which Jules barks once and comes to the door to tell me. She has learned our habits quickly and we hers. The best thing is she just loves being with us-where ever we are. She is so smart-I tell her to get in bed and she goes over to her soft cushion and climbs on. Such a good girl :-) She is the sweetest girl and has endeared herself to all of us. Thank you again — Maria

Denise, I wanted to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to breed Gia and experience a dream I have had for 21 years. It was hard work but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am excited for this next chapter in my life. I know our personalities are very different but I hope we can continue our relationship for years to come. Here are some pictures throughout the last couple of months! Blessings — Dona

Just wanted to say hi and give you an update on Ace. We love him so much and he has fit right into our family. He graduated puppy class last week and starts therapy dog training next month. Funny story, we were walking home from breakfast this morning and saw a couple with a frenchie that had similar markings to Ace. After talking to the couple, we found out it is Ace's littermate...Schuba! The woman's name was Jessica and we left without getting their emails/contact info. Would there be any way you could pass on my email address to them? My husband would like to try and get the dogs together. — Kat

Hi Denise, hope all is well with you! I wanted to let you know the most amazing thing that happened today! We were out with Schuba this morning and saw another couple walking their two frenchies and stopped to chat with them and realized it was Ace, the other fawn from our litter!!!! What are the chances! We actually ran into them in the street! They don't live far from us and we will likely run into them quite a bit! He is actually grown to be a little bigger than ours (ours is 23 pounds now) and looks beautiful! Just wanted to send you a quick note, we are so happy with our little guy! He has been a breeze to train and is so well behaved, we credit most if it to you. If you are thinking of having another litter, please let us know as I'm sure we would be interested in potentially getting one more. Hope all is well with you and your family!!! — Jessica & Scott

I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time today to help guide me into the right direction for finding our new puppy. As I said before I'm afraid to get ripped off, and I know I'm an easy target since this is my first rott. Your info was very helpful and it was very kind of you to share it with me... very much appreciated, thanks! — Jill

Thought I'd send along some pictures of Merle. I add new ones to the flickr set every now and then so you can always go there and see how he grows. He is such a smart, awesome pup. We try to bring him everywhere we possibly can and everyone always comments first on how adorable he is, and second on how calm and well-behaved he is. His personality is perfect—calm yet confident, sweet and cuddly yet independent. We love him more and more every day, which I couldn't imagine possible! I am already begging my husband to get a second one—a little girl to keep Merle company. He's happy with Merle for now LOL. — Jada

Thank you for sharing the pictures. They are nice looking dogs. We are pleased with Helga she is a great dog. Thank you again for choosing us to raise her and love her. She is such a loving dog constantly giving lots of kisses and is a very happy dog. We love her. I hope all is well with you and your family. Take care of yourself. — Debbie

Just wanted to let you know that Jack did great in the car on the way home. A few treats and a bully stick and he was nice and distracted. He also went pee and poo right on the puppy pad when we got home! There were a couple accidents after that, but I think we'll have it down in no time. Also, he loves his crate—right when I sat it down and put a towel in it and over the top he climbed right in all on his own and fell fast asleep on his panda toy. He even stayed in there even when I didn't close the door. We've already fallen in love with him—thanks so much!! We'll stay in touch! — Jada

Everyone stops us on the street to tell us how beautiful Dessie is. She also has a really great personality.. Good mix of silly and stubborn! — Tammy & Kevin

Just want to give you an update on Kane. We just got back from Cheryl Carlson's D.S.O. (Dog sport open) in Lansing, Michigan. I entered him in the intermediate level with 53 dogs and our boy came 3rd. I was so proud of him, when I get a chance I will put a DVD of him together. So get the popcorn ready. Anyway take care. — Kevin - Elite K-9

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