Dear Grandma Denise, I am sending you a note to say thank you for all the fun toys and to let you know how I am doing. I am having so much fun!!! I have met so many people and they all want to love and cuddle me, and I love it! My first day home was a busy one, my new Tía had a party and I got a bunch of toys. My Auntie Michelle sent my mom and dad a box of puppy red velvet cake mix all the way from France. I am sending some pictures of the party so you can see how much fun it was. I am settling in now, learning to go potty on the puppy pads, (mommy says it is too cold to go outside) I am learning sit, and I have a crate that I am slowly getting used to. Mommy and Daddy think they are so smart, but I am smarter. I know that if I just look at them and slightly tilt my head they give me anything I want, usually it is only to play or get on their lap, but I am pretty sure this will come in handy later. I met a few of my neighbors. One of them is a white dog named Teddy. When he comes to visit I always try to get him to play. I bow down, make fast movements and bark at him. He just looks at me, i don't think he understands French. My Grandma Bev met my doggy daddy at a "show." She told mommy he is so sweet and very handsome. She also told mommy that his ladies think I could be in the "show" too. I think that sounds fun! Grandma Bev is coming to play on Saturday, I cannot wait. Well, I am really tired, I played a lot today, and I have to wake up early tomorrow to go to the Dr for my first visit. I am told he is a very nice man and he took care of one of mommy and daddy's other dogs for 14 years. After that I get to meet some of mommy's friends at work and go to my Abuelita and Opa's house with daddy. I love and miss you, I will write again soon. Tell everyone I am doing great and say hi! Love — Genviève (Precious Gems French Kiss)

Thank you for breeding and loving such a beautiful pup. We are so very exciting about sharing our lives with her. We will take good care of her and love her always. Can you please send me a list of German commands and meanings for training. You had mentioned it last week and want to use them. Thank you so much. — Daryl

Romeo is so special. He has such spirit and determination. He is an incredible little fellow. Thanks for such a sweet and healthy puppy. I can tell he has been raised with love. Take care. — Pat

Here is Nero at 4 months. (45 lbs) We call him Bo. He has finished puppy obedience and starts his next level in two weeks. The trainer said she hasn't seen such a nice Rott in a long time. She also uses him as the demo to teach commands. He's food driven but calm and gentle. I am one proud mama. The Boston in the pic. is his best friend, they play constantly. When our boxer passes this I would love to get a brother or sister of Nero's. Will you be breeding Brando and Sunny again in 2014 or 2015? — Deb

I wanted to thank you for the health information you gave us when we purchased Nero, now called Bo. I have been researching and found literature to support non castrated dogs have lowered risk of bone cancer. I have always neutered at 9 mo. We are going to wait until he's 2 yrs IF WE CAN. He is starting puppy classes tomorrow. The breeder of our German Shepherd 18 yrs ago was the first to tell me about restricted calcium/phosphorus and cals. for large breeds. Before the food companies changed their formulas. In short, good breeders are the minority, but when you find one they rock!!!! Thank you. — Deb

Merry Christmas from our family to yours. Thank you for letting us have one of your pups, especially Nero. He is perfect. We are looking forward to puppy classes with him. — Deb

We are in Milwaukee at The Iron Horse Hotel With Titus and the people here all love him but not as much as Laura and I do. He is the center of attention and you would be proud. He knows how to come, sit (not well) and can do the down command. He loves the snow when the wind isn't blowing, However you and your husband are correct he is vocal. Loves to play fetch and tug of war. He found my tooling leather scraps. — David

I wish this email was on a more pleasant note, but we had to let Mena be at peace this afternoon. We were able to manage her pain so well you'd never know she was sick, but the last 48 hours she went downhill fast. Just wanted to keep you updated. She was the best dog we will ever have, it was really hard to let her go. I'm sure we'll be in touch in the future for another. — Alison

Just thought I'd send you an email with some photos and updates on Gemma! She is doing great and we LOVE her! We are totally Frenchie obsessed now even more than we were before getting Gemma! If you are ever looking for a home for any of your other Frenchies we would love for you to let us know! We are definitely thinking about getting another Frenchie down the road. They are the best! — Kate & Sam

It was great to see you yesterday! We made it home with no problems, Mariah was absolutely perfect in the car along the way. She rested her head in Kris' lap and got lots of pets. The kids (and Kris' parents) fell in love with her instantly. I attached a picture of our 2 girls fawning over her, note the pink collar with bling tag and complement of pink toys. Mom took the girls to Petco and we now own one of everything again. She definitely missed her playmates as there was some whining overnight. The crawling baby is about the same size as the Frenchies and she looked at baby Brendan very curiously. We are taking it slow with that introduction but she took to the older kids immediately. She still seems a little sad today but she is starting to calm-down. She loves her crate and is already making herself at home. The Angel urn was incredibly thoughtful and very meaningful to us. Thank you for your support with all of the difficulties relating to Karl's death, we couldn't have survived it without you. We are really glad that things worked-out this way with Mariah and we are so thankful for the extra couple of days to decide that you and your other clients provided. There is no great way to get over the tragedy of the last few months but this is a very good start. This was definitely the right move for everyone, it just took a while to get there. Thanks again for everything. Hopefully we'll see you soon! — Dennis, Kris, and kids

Hope all is well with you and your family. I have attached a couple of pictures of Maggie at 6 months old (taken in June). She is beautiful, very smart and well behaved (most of the time). She is also Craig’s constant companion - they go everywhere together. Our vet had a client inquiring about a good Rottweiler breeder and we forwarded your information. I hope they will contact you and invest in one of your puppies. Enjoy the summer and we will keep you informed of Maggie’s progress. Best wishes — Bea

I hope you & your family are doing well. Just wanted to send you a picture of Elvis we took today. He is such a good dog & has a great personality, we just love him! — Tia

Carl could not get comfortable last night, despite the tramadol,etc, so we freed him from his pain today. Had stopped eating a couple days ago,plus all the typical pain symptoms. We had a short walk this morning and a burst of energy due to the car trip which meant another walk. It was a good morning. Thanks for the support when I called. I needed that. I was with him and he was stubborn to the end---just as we expected him to be. Thank you for a wonderful dog. — Jamie

Heidi is doing absolutely great. She swims every week in a group swim with Bridget and other dogs. Last Wednesday we had 7 dogs in the swim. Heidi is fearless. She still wears a life vest just in case. Tonight was her second puppy class. There are 9 puppies in the class. I have worked with her on the sit, down, off and healing and she does them all very well except the down and that only works well with a treat right now. She is a fast learner and a joy to be around. So she is pretty much ahead of the other puppies in the class. Next will be the stay command. She also knows "leave it" and "drop it", most of the time. We continue to talk our walks almost every day. We have had a few inches of rain so there were lots of mud puddles today plus a several areas in the woods where the water was standing fairly deep. Needless to say Heidi and Bridget enjoyed them all. I hosed them off when we returned home. She has the sweetest disposition and listens very well. She is off leash on our walks except when crossing the road. Gauging from her last Vet visit, she probably weighs about 55 - 60 pounds. Her next appointment is May 13 for her Rabies shot. Hope all is well with you. — Diana

Maggie is doing fine and adjusting well. She now wears a collar and is leash trained to go outside. She has had some accidents inside the house but is getting the idea of the reason for going outside. She is a bundle of energy and loves to meet people. She knows her name, and understands the words - outside, sit and no. We are currently working on – come and drop (when she has something in her mouth). She also enjoys her crate and knows that it is her space if she needs quiet time. She has had her first vet visit on March 25th and got a good health report. She was 36lbs but I think she has grown since then. I can almost see her growing overnight. She will be going to the vet again on Monday, April 8th for the next series of shots that she is supposed to get. Thank you for the toys that you sent her home with. They helped her and our adjustment the first few days. We will keep in touch and updated you on Maggie’s progress. — Bea

I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that Heidi is doing very well. She finished up her puppy shots on March 13th, her 4 month old birthday. She weighed in at 43.6 pounds. We started her swimming with Bridget just 2 1/2 weeks ago. The vet advised us not to let her around any other dogs until she was four months old, so it was just her and Bridget in the pool. It took her about 10 minutes of being overwhelmed in the pool room but then she got in the water and started playing. As you will see in the pictures there is an under water ledge in the pool. She loves the water. Miranda Reeves is in the pool with her. Miranda owns the facility and has a degree that relates to working with dogs. She will start Puppy Classes in April. She does very well with the leash, knows sit and down, we just started working on the stay command. Weather permitting we take daily walks on the trails across the road, usually about 1 1/2 miles. She is on the leash until we cross the road and about another 100 feet, then I turn her loose. She is very good, she keeps an eye on me and is either walking with me or running with Bridget. Bridget has been a great teacher for her, they get along famously but sometimes play pretty rough. Heidi is normally the aggressor and she is one tough puppy. She is also very affectionate, loves to be hugged and petted and wants to be close at all times. Lloyd lets her sit on his lap but that will not last much longer. Sunday we drove to St. Joseph, Michigan. Vicki, the friend I had with me when we can to get Heidi just got a new puppy a week ago, an English Mastiff, Abby. We took Bridget and Heidi with us. I was amazed at how gently Heidi played with Abby. If I remember correctly, you said that you came to Valparaiso occasionally. The next time you are there, give me a call and I will bring Heidi down so you can see her, providing you have the time. Hope all is going very well with you, Thanks so much for Heidi, we love her very much. She keeps us busy. — Diana

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