We just got done singing happy birthday to Missy (Mariah). Just thought of you and wanted to say thanks for one of the best pets a family could hope for! Hard to believe she is 2 already. Hope all is well...we will try to call you before Christmas and send some pics. Take care, — Dennis, Kris, and kids

Happy Holidays Denise. Just wanted to touch base with you. Lira has been an absolute dream! We couldn't be any happier with her. She's exactly what we wanted in a rottweiler. I'm going to try and take some good pictures of her next week since it's her bday and Christmas. Hope everything is good on your end! Thanks again! — Frank

Happy Holidays. I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know again how wonderful Sugar is, and how happy she has made our entire home. Words cannot describe how sweet and loving she is. She is one pampered pooch that is for sure, and she loves every minute of it. She has been spayed, and that went very well. We waited for her because we didn't want to leave her alone at the vets. She is very bonded with us, and if she can't see one of us at all times, she gets a bit frantic. She is also very strong and healthy, which is great. She is 100% potty trained -- no accidents in months. All in all, meeting you and getting Sugar was one of the best things that ever happened to us. All my best — Jeanne

Thinking of you lately and wondering how you and Gary have been and how the pups are doing. Look at the website sometimes ...Brando is so amazing. Angie is absolutely the Most Amazing Dog we have ever had. Thunder and Chyna were wonderful, but I can't tell you how amazing and loving Angie is with the kids. My daughter is 5 now and my son is 2. She is their best friend. She is doing wonderfully and you would be proud cause she is a beautiful 88 pounds and healthy. You know Allan was always the one to spoil them and get them fat. I know the dogs are prob even more expensive now than ever and I know you get every penny for them. Keep us in mind if in the future you have any puppies not spoken for. We would love to have another at some point. Take care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Fondly — Lisa

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Piper! She's a skinny little thing, barely 75 pounds at the last vet visit about a month ago, but sweet and calm. She's a trooper in the car. She's already been to 14 states. We drove to Florida in the spring and Montana this summer where she had a blast in the mountains. She goes to day care once or twice a week where we hear she is the life of the party. The rest of the time she either gets a romp in the forest or the dog beach (she's quite the swimmer). She's pretty spoiled. Julian wants me to ask how many of the January litter are claimed! LoL! Half serious... Hope you are well! — Sylvia

Gunner is doing great and we just love him and he loves us. Such a happy good puppy. We took Gunner to the vet and all is great. They said they never saw such a good looking Rottweiler. We also had him microchipped. Thank you so very much. — Carol

Hope all is well and you had a great summer in your summer home. Thought I would share some pics. Bryce loves her puppies. It amazes me how good they are with her. Never would have thought in a million years Tori would be as good as she is. Jeneva on the other hand we knew would be the guardian. By the way we have another one on the way in January and it is going to be a boy. So, Jeneva gets to boss us around again and Tori is going to starting saying what the hell are you doing to me. LOL. — Jeff

We are thoroughly enjoying Capone. He weights about 23 pounds. He was missing his brothers and sisters the first week and we really had to coax him to eat then we tried a can of the puppy simulation food and that was the trick. He and Haden are working things out and playing together well. He took to the leash like a pro. He has an awesome disposition.

I couldn't let another day go by without telling you how much Sugar has brought to our life. She is the sweetest, most wonderful little girl—and we love her to pieces. I truly believe good breeding is the key, and you are the best. She is always within a few feet of us, and nothing escapes her notice. Everything is so much fun with her, and she loves playing with her toys and anything else she can find. On the other hand, she is a very kind and gentle little soul. We have a lot of wild animals that come around our yard to eat, and Sugar sits in the window and watches them, but never ever once has barked at them or scared them away. Anyway, we just wanted to thank you again for this wonderful little girl. — Jeanne

Long time no hear. How are things? Have the French Bulldogs overtaken the Rott business? I sent email and pictures to friends and family, but realized later that I didn't send it to the one person who might really see how great Mojo has turned out. She is the smartest dog I've ever encountered, and am grateful everyday for her companionship. Let me know what you think of one of your 'older' babies. Keep in touch. — Pablo

96 lb ago he was little. Now he is a big boy and has to wear a big boy collar and mind his manners. He celebrates each day with a Starbucks puppy latte and the staff at all the stores love him almost as much as we do. The blue ribbon he wore till he got his name. The name "BLUE" just didn't fit him other than he was a little boy dog and needed a home. We have been so lucky to have him and the pleasure he brings us can not be touched by anything except maybe a child which we have none of. Thanks for this opportunity and the breeding that brought this happiness to our home! — David

Thought maybe you'd wanna see how Otis is doing. He's so great! We love him! He went kayaking with Jj and grandpa last weekend in Wisconsin! Jj wants me to tell you if a frenchie needs a home, let us know. — Missy

Thank you so very very much for yesterday, and for the wonderful sweetheart. She is all settled in and busy exploring her new digs. She is far more wonderful than I could have imagined. She is eating and sleeping, and just hanging out with us. My husband fell totally in love with her, and asked if we could name her Sugar because she is so sweet. Words cannot tell you how grateful we are to you for letting us adopt such a wonderful little girl. I am making her appointment with Dr. George, our vet, for Friday. I will give you an update after that. Thank you again. — Jeanne

This is just a note to say thank you again and update you on our life. Belize and I will be taking a major road trip next month - Minneapolis, Iowa, thru Utah, LA, my CO condo, KC and home. You were so right to steer me to her and not Patron, although I hope he's doing well and do think fondly of him. No one who meets Belize doesn't think she's the greatest being! Belize is still having some house training issues. Her only fault, so far as I can see. I'm still working on it, and am hopeful we'll get it licked. I still also think fondly of Gemma. You have some good dogs! You're clearly a great breeder and nice person. I'm so lucky to have found you. That's it. I'm just touching base. Fear not, I am more than equipped with cooling aids for the desert air. Some might think Belize is a bit spoiled, but actually no!

Hilda Paisley Gunter—such a wonderful sweet dog. She is going through training once a week and is potty trained. We love her and couldnít be any happier. Thank you. — Daryl

Wanted to give you an update. Nero is 8 months now and the best dog we've ever had. We're currently in a working dog group, working on his BH and drive for schutzhund, and walk, the near by neighborhood every morning. He keeps us busy and loves being with us. If i knew Rottweilers were this awesome I would have had one years ago. Like everyone else, I hope you keep breeding. — Deb

We had a fun coincidence the other day when Piper took to a good looking Frenchie at the Evanston Dog Beach the other day. Turns out Sam and Cate are some of your previous clients as well. Your two babies got along really well too. Hope allís well! — Julian and Sylvia (and Piper)

I am sending a few photos of Vivi that are pretty recent. She absolutely LOVES people. She cannot even believe it if (in the rare event) there is someone walking past her that does not want to pet her. She also loves other dogs. She has won over our neighbors dog, a Maltese Poodle mix. We love her, she makes us laugh all the time with her silly personality and antics. She is perfect. We are taking the test on Wed. To graduate from puppy level 1. I am so excited because our trainer is impressed every week, and she is certified for CGC, so we are currently going for S.T.A.R. Puppy first. — Stacey

Jj and I thought you may like a quick update on Otis. He's such a great little guy! We love him to death! He celebrated Easter and cinco de mayo! Ha! Ha! Take care! Regards, Missy

Stella was a delight on the long car ride home, we decided to avoid tolls but took us 30 mins longer, a mistake, but Stella was calm the entire time. The other animals are adjusting but the funny thing is Stella really likes the cat. Here is a picture of her resting with my son, who she seems to have taken quite a liking to. I will send more pictures in the coming days when she gets more acclimated. It was a delight meeting you and all of your animals, thanks Denise for breeding such a sweet girl and for allowing me to give her a home. — Karyn

Our sweet rottweiler Barrett (aka Pendleton) has been awesome. He listens, has been learning commands quickly and loves to play with his big brother Ruger. We are amazed at how well the puppy training has been going. Of course, he still does some "puppy things," but over all, we can't be happier. — Carrie & Larry

3 wks in and we are all doing great. Piper sleeps in her crate at night from about 11-530ish with no accidents or crying. And we are accident free for the last day and a half!!! She had her second round of vaccinations and started some training. The snow is finally almost gone from the backyard so she is delighting in grass and mud. She's growing like a weed! Almost 4 pounds in 2 wks but still skinny. She knows her basic commands and walks really well on a leash. She's still a major cuddle bug and tries to fold herself into our laps even tho she's soon gonna be too big! Just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful new addition to our family! — Sylvia & Julian

Wanted to let you know that Vivi is literally stopping traffic on the street! John took her for a short walk and a woman stopped in the middle of the street to roll down her window and say how beautiful she is. Everyone who sees her falls instantly in love. She even managed to melt the heart of our crazy crabby neighbor. Thank you a gazillion, she is the light of our lives. — Stacey & John

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