Wanted to say thank you for the nice care package. I love the tote bag and plan to use it often. My grandson liked the golden ceramic frenchie so much that he asked if he could keep it on his nintendo stand,so that's where it is! You really did not have to do that and it will be lasting good memories. Really enjoyed visiting with you,if we lived closer I'd surely want coffee chats often (not just FRENCHIE talk). I know you guys have a lot going but still hope to hear from you now and then. Bye for now. — Linda

Hi this is Mark, Thor’s owner, just wanted to let you know he turned 13 today and is still doing fine. Thor has been a wonderful dog all these years and I have been fortunate to have his company. Thanks and best to you Denise. — Mark

I wanted to send you a few pictures of Sable. She is doing great. About 50 pounds now with tons of skin to fill out. She loves going on walks and a 7 month old golden retriever is her best friend. We have seen Sharon about every 2 weeks for training. Freeze dried rabbit ears are one of her favorite snacks! She is a blessing in our house!! Hope all is well. — Sam & Greg

Hope you are well. We decided to make life interesting and get a second dog to torment Stan. Meet Burt. A Pit mix from a local rescue. 10 weeks now and a total puppy terror. Stan is adjusting well being his brand of gentle. That is to say, he's not a particularly graceful or gentle guy...more of the bulldozer type. But he's being as nice to the little guy as he knows how! To include laying down when they wrestle and tolerating Burt chewing on his tail...paws...ears...jowls...Poor Stan! But if we ever feel that the puppy is being too annoying and want to give Stan a break by putting the puppy in his crate, Stan goes and camps out right next to it. And every night the little guy hops right into the big bed and cuddles up. They keep each other exhausted which is good for us too! They are going to be thick as thieves, I can tell. — Sylvia & Julian

Good morning, Just wanted to give an update on Lincoln. He is almost 1yr now and doing great. He is a very loveable boy and loves his family. He loves to jump up and sit on our laps. He enjoys his walks and likes to say hello to everyone he meets. He will actually whine a little if you walk by without greeting him. His favorite toys are a tennis ball and anything that makes noise. Hope all is well with you. Thanks again for our Lincoln. — The Nimz Family

Lira is a very special dog and we were honored that you let us be her family. And always remember you are a very special lady to us because you care so much about your dogs. Hugs & Love, — Winifred, CJ, Celeste, Lira & Leo

I hope this finds you doing well. Pharaoh is doing great! He's a wonderful dog and so full of energy. I had his hips checked and OFA said he is good although I could never show him as his movement is still like that of a puppy. I don't mind though as I don't plan on showing any more anyway. If I ever did it would only be the German shows. He's a big goofy boy but such a good one. He's got a great disposition. He gets along great with all my other dogs except my old female Presa Canario. He doesn't like her because she is the dominant one in our pack when we're not around and he thinks that should be his job so he'll go after her every chance he gets. She's 12 years old though so he'll be inheriting that job all too soon. I love him but please tell me what you think. He's one of those that's VERY slow to mature physically but he's such a lover! We take him with us when we ride our horses and he can go for miles and miles and he loves swimming in the river when we're done. Then he'll sleep for about 12 hours. I'm very happy with him! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!— Stacy

Lira loves running through the snow with Little Leo. Oh my, I can't even describe how happy she is running in the snow. When she is done running she has this big smile. Hope all is well with you and your family. Hugs & love — Winifred

Hope you are well. We are all doing well here. Stan is officially a camper now. Complete with his own backpack to carry his own food. He is a terrible bed fellow, maybe because we've never let him sleep with us (he thinks it is play time since we are all on the floor with him...), but a lovely hiker! He sees his backpack and shoves his head thru the harness to say "well, let's go then!" He is still an attention whore. Can't get enough pets and butt scratches. And ear scratches. And chest scratches. And belly rubs. Basically, if you stop actively giving him attention he will move around your stationary hand to get all the touches he wants... He is still very excitable and high energy but maybe starting to see signs of that tapering a bit??? Maybe not! Haha. He would probably continue to chase his ball until he drops dead! At the last vet visit about a month or two ago, he was right around 90 lbs. We have him on the Royal Canin Rottweiler formula. Only thing he will actually chew and not just inhale whole. He's healthy and strong and a bulldozer of a guy! He's another good one! Thanks!. — Sylvia &  Julian

I hope this email finds you and your family well. I thought it only right to let you know that our wonderful very much loved and adored Tyson passed away Friday evening. Tyson had been dealing with weight loss for over the past year but it was manageable. Just recently he took a turn for the worse. The vet felt like it was related to his liver. My heart is totally broken and really am having a hard time copying with all my daily routines no longer in place. He was my “bear” and I adored him more than words. I wanted you to know that Tyson was such a handsome boy and had the best personality. He was very well taken care of and loved. The boys were with me when we put him down and he passed in my arms covered in his favorite blanket, toy and ball. Thank you for allowing my family to have had such a wonderful family member we had in Tyson. — Lisa

I just wanted to give you a quick Lira update. Lira is doing great, she recovered from the spaying very nicely and there were no complications. Everyone loves Lira, she is constantly complimented on how laid back her disposition is and how beautiful she is. Lira loves having her wrinkles cleaned every morning, she love baths and I did find a lotion for French Bulldogs that helps keep their coat moisturized. I love her so much! Lira loves to walk, if the weather is nice and cool we were doing three to four walks a day. During these walks Lira made many doggie friends. It was getting to the point that Lira was looking to play with any dog and we decided we should get her a little friend. This past weekend we got another dog, a Boston Terrier and in honor of Lira we named him Duke Leonardo or Little Leo. Lira really likes Leo, the past couple days when they play together Lira has the biggest smile on her face. Leo is now sleeping on Lira and she does not mind. Hope all is well with you and your family. — Winifred

This is Tim, my wife Tracy and I got our dog Brutus from you just over a year ago, you may know him as Teddy, (his registered name). Brutus is awesome and we could not ask for a better dog, and he's been amazing with our 1 month old. — Tim

I check your site at least once a week just to see how things are going, and was so excited to see Drama had a litter. I also see that you have a retired female and was wondering about her. We are so in love with Vivi, and are considering adding to our family. It is pretty hot here this week (119 yesterday and 114 expected today) so we have been limited in what we can do with our girl. We take her to the pet store for treats and social hour, or to get her nails cut, or to a restaurant with a nice cool patio. Of course anytime she does something with us is fun for her, but if there are other people too then she is in heaven! She makes people smile and kids LOVE her. She is complimented on her temperament constantly, and she is the only dog the security man (who is also in love with her) allows in at the Cubs' spring training park for games during the summer and fall. I have sent a few pictures....and look forward to hearing from you soon. — Stacey, John &  Vivi

Just a quick note to say hi & report on the Pup. He's doing amazing, gets his jabs on Monday. Close to being fully house-trained, knows sit, stay, down, shake hands & has zero possessiveness on his food or toys. Just started this last week on getting him used to the lead in our fenced off patio area-thats work-in-progresss, but going well! I think we got him at 15.5lbs, yesterday he was 27lbs. THANK YOU for such a great dog. Cheers — Charlie &  Cola

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Lira. Lira is doing great in our home! Everything checked out at the vet today, Lira has a small ear infection (no big deal) and our vet was very impressed with Lira. Everyone loves her name Lira and we are not changing it, it's perfect for her! Lira and Rex are having a lot of fun sniffing each other out, Celeste and Lira have really bonded, and Lira has really helped Rex move on from Regina's death. Rex is running around and showing Lira things in the house. Lira loves lots of belly rubs, constant petting and kisses. We all love cuddling, hugging her and kissing her. Lira is such a wonderful dog! That's all for now. Hopefully, when the weather warms up this week I can photograph Lira outside.— Winifred, CJ, Celeste, Rex Harrison &  Lira

We wanted to let you know that Lincoln is adjusting great to his new home. We are loving him! Thank you! — David &  Kathy

Just wanted to send a picture. We call her Lexi. You did a great job breeding! — Anthony

Thank you for being such a good French Bulldog breeder. Your love, your knowledge and compassion for French Bulldogs really shows in each of your dogs. Please know that little Lira is going to a wonderful home. She is our new family member and she will be loved, hugged and fawned over for the rest of her life. Be ready for lots and lots of pictures from us! Thank you again! You are an amazing lady! — Winifred

I thought you might like to see how Nero (Bo) is progressing. He's still a great jumper. I'm hoping to do his BH in April and his IPO 1 in Oct. or Nov. Also considering getting his CGC because he's so good natured. Wish us luck. — Deb

Belize won her Rally Novice title this weekend. She consistently placed fourth in her first three classes; third in the fourth. I'm proud of my little girl! — Marianne

All is good with my bear! Getting a little gray in the face but overall doing great. Losing some of his muscle but still very active, eats, sleeps and plays with his tennis balls. Love him so much! People always comment on what a great looking dog …he is aging well. — Lisa

Happy Holidays. I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know again how wonderful Sugar is, and how happy she has made our entire home. Words cannot describe how sweet and loving she is. She is one pampered pooch that is for sure, and she loves every minute of it. She has been spayed, and that went very well. We waited for her because we didn't want to leave her alone at the vets. She is very bonded with us, and if she can't see one of us at all times, she gets a bit frantic. She is also very strong and healthy, which is great. She is 100% potty trained -- no accidents in months. All in all, meeting you and getting Sugar was one of the best things that ever happened to us. All my best, — Jeanne

Just a little update on Stanley's 1st birthday! He's doing great. He loves the snow and loves being chased. He recently decided a tasty meal of slippers, gloves, and a hat sounded good...you can imagine what that looked like the next day...but other than that, he keeps his indiscretions to a minimum. He sometimes plays a little rough with other dogs but is learning his boundaries and they say he's doing well at daycare. It was funny watching him and my dad's chihuahua interact at Thanksgiving. Not sure who won that war! You were right about boys being goofy. He's silly and stubborn and sweet. He even won over my mom who is scared of dogs. She declared he was "lovely" the first time he came over to rest his big ole head on her leg demanding to be petted. Another good one! Thank you! — Sylvia &  Julian

Um, I think you might get a few requests for pups from Spfld. Everyone loves her. When I went to Costa Rica, she stayed with Auntie BJ (mommy of my first rottie). BJ was working for a groomer, and everyone wanted to know Belize's origins. BJ told me it took an hour to get out of Petsmart when she was buying food for her dogs. I went to PetCo today. I don't know that it took an hour, but people certainly wanted to say hello to Belize! She is a gem, Denise! — Marianne

Hi...hope all is well. Siena is the absolute sweetest thing. She's such a love and just wants to cuddle (her version) which is right on top of you instead of next to you. Lol She also walks around the house with her blankets which is hilarious. She has 3 that I guess are her favorites bc if we put them back in her house, she goes and gets them out and lays with them. I tried to get a picture of her w/her blankets but she kept dropping them. — Ellen

Belize and I had our first training session for Rally-O today. The good news is that the trainer said she'd already qualify, although of course we still have some polishing to do. I commented that I thought Belize was really smart. He looked at me like I had lost my mind. I said, "well, I DO think she's smart." He replied that French Bulldogs were not known for their intelligence. He's seen them when a box of rocks would have been smarter. He agreed with me, and said, "you are, too." There are downsides to having a smart dog. Genna was off the charts, so I kinda know them, but I think Belize is the perfect dog...for me. And I'm NOT saying anything bad about Genna. She was wonderful in her own right! Trials for Rally-O are in late March here in Spfld. Wish us luck? — Marianne

My name is Gene. I don't know if you remember but I purchased a Rottweiler from you about 15 yrs ago. Ruby was what we named her. Her mother was Emerald. I just wanted to tell you that she passed away this past Monday. Ruby was just an incredible pet, companion and very close member of our family. My kids and I miss her dearly. Anyway, just wanted to tell you that. Thank you. Best regards — Gene

Hi this is Deb. I bought a puppy from you two years ago. I wanted you to see and hear what a wonderful pup you produced from Sunny and Brando. We call him Bo. He's been a house pet, schutzhund & agility dog and loves it all. He's so athletic!!! No one can believe how high this Rott can jump. I wanted to thank you again for giving us the opportunity to own him. His sports now keep me as busy as my kids. Hope all is well with you and the precious gems. P.S. he's long like brando and little like sunny. Only 106 lbs. — Deb

Been a long time since we have sent you anything...Vivi is LOVING it here in Arizona! She is so social and just makes everyone smile. She has melted the hearts of the grounds keepers here at our apartment complex, and oh my goodness does she love children! We are working towards getting her to be a therapy dog, we are not far from Banner Desert Hospital which has a huge children's wing and they have a great therapy dog program. We have also joined a French Bulldog meetup group. At least once a month a group of about 25 Frenchies meet at a dog park and play. On her first visit a handsome fella named Guapo fell madly in love and followed her everywhere. Of course she played coy....but i know she loved the attention. We live right across the street from the Cubs' training facility (my husband is loving it...year round baseball!) and despite my attempts to make her a Sox fan, I think I have failed. She loves going to the park, and yesterday she played with some of the minor league players. I check your website often and was so excited to see you have a litter of boys...I am sure they are adorable, are they also Tara's? I look longingly at your Rottie puppies, Vivi was playing with one at the dog park. Of course when he got tired she wandered over to the Mastiff. :). Thanks again Denise, you are a top of the line breeder, I am so in awe of the amazing girl we got from you. — Stacey

She's officially a mama's girl. I can't go anywhere w/o Siena as my shadow...even to the bathroom. Lol. She's the absolute sweetest thing. Really she has the best temperament. She & Sable are bffs as Siena cries whenever Sable is outside w/o her and she cannot stand if Sable has a bone bc she's finished hers, she does throw temper tantrums. ♥♥♥ Her! Hope all is well! — Ellen

Well it's been almost 2 years since we brought home Nicky. However we did name her Nina. My wife and I loved our past 2 dogs a great deal it was very tough to get another dog. Nina has been a fantastic dog. She never destroys anything except her own toys. She looks after us especially the kids like it's her sole job. She usually sleeps on the stairway landing and at the slightest noise she'll growl or let out a bark. Last month 5 houses including my neighbors house was robbed while all the families slept. The burglars entered through unlocked doors. I was at the firehouse so my family was alone. We did not know what happened till the next day but that night at around 1:30 am the family said she went nuts and wouldn't lay down for the rest of the night. So I think she may have ward off the burglars. I don't know if she would attack so we always remain cautious and careful. She has never growled at a family member even when the kids get around her food. She actually brings the kids her bones and will give them up to us when asked. A lot of times she will position her self in front of us mostly the kids and it's like she makes sure her hind end is pressed against us almost so she knows she is in contact with us and is looking out. When the kids are gone or at school I think she gets depressed. When she sees the bus she gets very happy to see them again. She is very attached to them. She has gotten along with all dogs of all sizes and the groomer loves having her. She has always been friendly to people when she is in our presence. We couldn't have gotten a better dog for our family. Thanks, — Joe, Shelly, Jenna &  Ryan

Just wanted you to know that Tank is doing great! He is signed up for puppy kindergarten in September! Thanks for such a good boy! — Kelly & Tim

It has been exactly one year since Sugar (Appletini) came to live with us. I just wanted to give you an update, and let you know that she is the sweetest, happiest, cutest, funniest, etc. little girl. She brings so much joy into our life. We took her to the vet for her check-up, and he said that he sees lots of dogs, but "This girl is pristine." She is a bit spoiled (she even sleeps with us every night). She is right by our side every minute of the day -- she is a great companion. We love her more than I can tell you. Every wonderful thing about her stems from the great breeding that started with you. We want to thank you so very sincerely. Thanks again. — Jeanne

I just want to personally send a thank you to you. It's so much appreciated, all your help and advice. I love Dillinger so incredibly much, just want him to be happy and healthy, no matter what. Thank you again so very much!! — Lisa

We are loving every bit of Hilda everyday…such a loving great dog!!!! — Daryl

This is just because. There was a discussion at today's training class (2 attendees) about Zelda's microchip. I commented that I thought both Belize's microchip and tattoo were registered to you; I guess if she ever got lost, it would mean i'm a bad mama, and you'd want to know. That's ok with me, and everyone seemed to agree.
Belize and I are doing fine. I don't think there could be an easier, more perfect dog in this world. She's so great that if I even hint that there was anything wrong with Genna, she looks at me cross-eyed! (And, in fact, Genna was a wonderful dog.) The downside, of course, is that I sometimes call Belize Genna.
She's the class envy. No surprise to you, I'm sure, as she has already been trained. We're just doing it for fun - bonding stuff. The trainer would like me to consider enrolling her in competition. (The trainer's dogs come from the Malinois line of the Person of Interest dog. She seemed to have a bit of surprise in her voice when she commented that Belize was trainable. I thought, hey, yes, she's trainable. She's one smart dog and she enjoys life!)
When I travel and Belize cannot go with me (going to Morocco next month), I am fortunate to have made the acquaintance of Heather, who used to live next door, and who takes her in. Heather is a divorced woman. She has two dogs (lab, cockapoo), both roughly 14 years old, two cats (who arent quite sure of Belize, who always wants to play), a gerbil, and a high functioning autistic son whose name is Drew and who is crazy about Belize.
That's about the news. Belize is not perfect in her housetraining habits, but she's dern near these days. Happy Valentine's Day! I can't thank you enough for Belize! — Marianne

This email is LONG overdue, but better late than never! Gemma is our world! We absolutely love her! Sam and I have moved to downtown Chicago from Evanston and are loving life in the city. I wanted to send over some pictures because Sam and I got engaged last March and Gemma was front and center at the engagement! Sam told me he wanted to hire a professional photographer to come and take pictures of Gemma and I said of course!! The photographer came and took photos of Gemma and us at our apt. and then we went to the dog beach which she loves! Halfway through the photo session Sam proposed! Attached are the photos from the day. We hope you are well and definitely think about getting another Frenchie. If we do we'll make sure to let you know when the timing is right! Happy New Year! — Kate & Sam

Hope all is well. Just thought I would share some pics of what Bryce is doing to her best friend Jeneva. You tell me, does she look like she is having fun. I would say poor Jeeves but how she is all over Tori, I say it is fair play. Both dogs doing great. Jeneva is still a good mama and watches out for her babies. Tori, plays the laid back approach and only checks when things look escalated. LOL. Bryce does love her doggies. — Jeff

Gunner is getting so big and beautiful. We love him so much. He can be a handful but he is so gentle when it comes to food but will sit on my head when I am lying down. Very loveable. Take Care, — Carol

He is my constant companion and is always interested in what is going on. He doesn’t miss anything going on around him. Yesterday it was windy outside and he enjoyed chasing leaves across the yard. Something that Romeo loves to do is to sing as I play the piano. I have told some friends and one said he is barking as she had a dog do it. But Romeo runs when I go to the piano and he will bark at times but he does more than that and I think he is singing and accompanying me as I play and he will stay and sing till I get done with the two songs he likes. He won the winners choice in the Starkville Dog Show and received an alligator stuffed toy and now it is his favorite toy. What is funny is that I (as a member of the Golden Triangle American Kennel Club) donated the prizes for the French Bulldog winners never dreaming that Romeo would receive one. What a surprise! You mentioned Romeo’s father’s (Ch Rivertrace Raising The Bar) picture being on a book cover. I would love to buy one if I could. Could you send me the information on how to obtain a copy? Thanks. Hope you and family are doing well and surviving the Chicago cold winter months. We are having colder than normal weather for Mississippi and a lot of rain. Take care. Hope your new litter of Rottweiler puppies are doing well. Love them Frenchies, — Pat

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