3/15/1998 - 6/27/2007

A heart of gold stopped beating
Two shining eyes at rest
God broke my heart to prove
He only takes the best
God knows you had to leave me
But you did not go alone
For part of me went with you
The day he took you home

author unknown

You could rest now my son.
Thanks for the ride and What a ride it was.
All my love... Mom

I am so sorry to hear about Endy. I am sure that he is now in a better place. I can say how proud and honored that I am to have met him. And at least I can say that I have a part of him in Angel. - Michelle

Many tears............... no more suffering pretty boy. well he picked a good day Aunt Vicki's 10th anniversary I am sad.............: - ( - Vicki

I am so very sorry for your loss. As we spoke yesterday, we knew it was not long, but nothing prepares one for the moment it happens. I know thru our conversations that Endy brought great joy and memories to you for alot of years and I hope those memories stay with you forever. He is in a better place now and free of pain. God speed Endy! Sherry and I and the kids will pray for him and also for you and your family thru this very tough time. If there is anything i can do, do not hesitate to ask. - Scott

I am so sorry Denise. - Tracy

It is with a heavy heart that we offer you our deepest condolences on the loss of Endy. Endy was a remarkable dog who it was a privilege to have known. Endy's sprit will live on in our hearts and his children. The great ones are always the hardest to lose. You are in our prayers and thoughts - know that you are not alone. - Gina

I'm so sorry...Endy will live on in the hearts of everyone that met him and through his pups. I know there is nothing we can say or do to make it easier, but please know that you and Gary are in our prayers. - Kristen & Dennis

Most heartfelt sympathies from Dan and me to you and Gary; most especially to you as I know Endy was your heart. My heart is breaking along with yours. Endy was such a cool dog and I know just how much you must already miss him. I'll always think of him with love and smile at the way he always greeted me: with a big Rottie grin and that almost-dangerous body slam. - Kathi

God speed Endy, and Denise, there is nothing I can say to make you feel better, just know that time helps and you will always have those great memories. - Lou

There are no words that I can say to make things better for you and Gary. After I got off the phone, I cried because I truly am going to miss such a dynamic, beautiful, handsome, well bred specimen of an animal. He was truly a treat to watch and I am so glad to have been there to see "The King" receive his Championship. He by far is what I consider what "a true Rottweiler" is and should be. I am always going to be truly honored to own his "prince". Its amazing how animals can read your soul because when I told Pharaoh his dad went to a special place, he literally cocked his head, gave me his paw then kissed me. Its like he knew and it was going to be ok. - Dion

My tears are streaming down my face along with yours. I had no idea that he was so close to the bridge. Nice that he has left wonderful children for you to look at, but I know it will not be the same without him. I am so very sorry! - Marge

Oh dear lord Denise. Please know both Dave and I send our heartfelt sympathies. We are so sorry. - Karen

Joe and I as well as Jewel and Dino are so sorry to hear that. His spirit will always be with you and you have beautiful memories from the years you spent with him. - Ellen

Once again my heart goes out to you and Gary. I saw Endy as one of the top 10 that I crossed paths with. There were only a few I ever would breed to. Endy was one. He was a REAL Rottweiler. A Rottweiler others would have to measure to. Benchmark Benchmark Benchmark.............!!!!!!!! Only a few can understand. You were blessed. - Mark

It had been a month or so since I looked at you're website and read that you lost Endy, my heart aches for you. I will never forget the first time I met him, he just blew me away!!! I was so impressed with him and he left such an impression on me. - Michael & Debi

Denise & Gary - We are so sorry for your loss of Endy. We just found out yesterday & our hearts go out to you. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Love - Allison, Brandon and Mena

Dr. John J. Coyne and Staff from Forest South Animal Hospital send their condolences.

God bless Endy and You. Please accept my heartfelt condolences for your beloved Endy. Yes, a part of you goes with your loss, only another Rottie Lover/Owner could truly understand. He waits for you at the Rainbow Bridge and at that time, your heart will once again be complete. But . . . you have what is in your heart and no one can ever take that away from you. May your memories keep you warm and help ease the pain in your heart until you once again look into his eyes. A Rottie Mommie - Eva

oh Denise...I'm so very very sorry. I have had sons of my friends that have left us this week. My heart is with you right now...if you need me all you have to do is call. Your grief will be brief as his love was long with memories...Remember the shine of his eyes and that you will see him again, waiting at the bridge for you. God Speed Endy. - Kimberly


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